Teak Wood

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Teak Wood

Teak wood (tectona grandis), is a large, deciduous tropical hardwood tree. The aesthetic and physical properties of teak has earned its reputation as a premium timber. Old growth teak is recognized as the worlds best quality teak, from trees of 80 to 100 years old. We stock the finest FEQ old-growth lumber to provide high-quality required for marine applications. Florida Teak is committed to sustainability, environmental protection and due-diligence on the legal and transparent sourcing of teak.

Teak Wood – It’s unique properties

  •  Teak wood has a high oil content which makes it extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions and highly resistant to rot, mold, termites and boring insects.
  • Teak has a low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in temperature and moisture.
  • The high silica content of teak wood make it uniquely non-skid, even when wet. It maintains its unique properties even under the worst effects of the sun and rain.
  • Teak decks are good insulators and are comfortable to walk on barefoot, even under the hottest tropical sun.
  • Let’s not forget the luxurious look of teak. Golden brown colored, straight grain teak will remain attractive for years, and if properly maintained, it will last for a lifetime.
  • The natural properties of teak make it the only real choice for use in boat-building. Many alternatives have been tested, other woods and synthetics, but only naturally grown teak is able to maintain its beauty and durability for the long term.

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