Residential Teak Flooring

Florida Teak custom mills solid teak flooring for residential projects, both interior and exterior. We will choose planks that best fit the desired color and grain to fit your project to insure the desired result. We have produced solid tongue-and-groove flooring for outside patio decking with a groove on the side of planks for installation with a clip-system, and indoor flooring using adhesives. Being that we mill in-house; we can provide planks with a rough “natural” finish, or with a smooth-planed surface, square-cut or tongue-and-groove. For durability and to insure substantial “material” for future refinishing, most floors on our projects are 3/4″ thickness with 4-6″ wide planking. Click Here to see some of our “standard” plank sizes.      – Traducción Española – 

Now Offering Plantation Teak Flooring

Due to frequent request, we now carry sustainably farmed plantation-teak from South-America and Africa that is best-suited for flooring. This teak has more “character” than Burmese old-growth teak, and for residential flooring it adds beauty and aesthetics. This is a more cost-effective way to obtain the look and character that only teak wood can provide.

Plantation teak is not a good choice for outdoor and marine applications but is perfect for indoor applications, especially for finished flooring. This teak has much more variation in grain and color and it readily accepts stains and varnishes. It tends to offer a golden to light brown color with dark coffee-brown accents that has a “wavier” grain than old-growth teak. Being from smaller, younger trees, the grain is more defined and apparent, muck like oak or mahogany. Like most teak, it is easy to re-finish so it can last for a lifetime.

We now stock Pyinkado, also known as Burmese Ironwood

Exclusively produced for patio and pool decks to compete with lower-quality Brazilian grown decking wood species. Pyinkado is a premium grade product and a low-cost alternative to teak, providing a hard deck wood with more pronounced grain and “character” at a lower price point. Performance and durability for decking is about the same as old-growth teak but at a substantially lower price. Pyinkado is a species of low exploitation, so it is an exotic but “green” option for luxury projects. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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