Tongue & Groove Teak Flooring

Teak Lumber & Teak Wood Products

Florida Teak specializes in the highest-quality teak lumber. This is the hardest teak product to source since only the best of the best boards from old-growth trees can be used for marine decking and trim. We have the highest standards in the wood industry.   

FEQ  (First European Quality) TEAK

FEQ Teak lumber is free from major defects, is a uniform golden color and is kiln dried. Mostly used for teak decks, rails, outdoor cabinets, chairs and tables, residential decks, architectural woodwork, doors and window frames.

3′ to 18′ Length

1″ to 4″ Thickness

2″+ Width

Wholesale Teak Lumber

Prime Grade Teak - "Superdecking Teak"

Our Prime Grade Teak lumber is specially selected with 100% vertical grain on side or on the face. It is free of any defects, golden light color, no mineral marks, perfectly straight grain and available in extra long lengths and widths. Produced from only the highest-quality logs available with an appearance that meets strict super-yacht requirements. Can be easily re-milled without waste to decking and margins or used for cap-rails etc.

All lengths

2″ Thickness

2″ – 10″ Width

Old Growth Teak Decking 

Our Premium Grade decking teak, is made from old-growth teak to insure maximum beauty, durability and non-skid. We have a large but slowly diminishing stock of pre-sanction Burmese teak specifically for marine use. Old growth teak decking has the most uniform grain and color of any teak, and is the most durable due to its naturally high oil and silica content.

Custom milled sizes available.

100% quarter-sawn

1-7/8″ x 9/16″ standard sized planks

6′ to 16′ length

Architectural Teak - Residential Teak

Residential Outdoor Decking

Florida Teak mills solid teak planking specifically for residential exterior use in flooring, decking, patios, pool-decks and docks. We produce solid planks milled with grooves on both edges for installation with a hidden clip-system, hiding the fasteners and providing for easy installation. For greater durability and to insure substantial “material” for future wear and refinishing, planks are 3/4″ thickness. We can provide stock from 4″ to 6″ wide.

Residential Indoor Flooring

Florida Teak custom mills solid teak flooring for residential projects, both interior and exterior. We will choose planks that best fit the desired color and grain to fit your project to insure the desired result. We produce solid tongue-and-groove flooring for outside patio decking with a groove on the side for installation with a clip-system, and indoor flooring using adhesives. Because we mill in-house, we can provide planks with a rough “natural” finish or with a smooth-planed surface, square-cut or tongue-and-groove. For durability and to insure substantial “material” for future refinishing, most floors on our projects are 3/4″ thickness with 4-6″ wide planking.

How to calculate "board feet" for your order

To calculate board feet: In inches, multiply the boards length, width and thickness, then divide the sum by 144 to get “board feet”.

For example, using a board 96″ long by 6″ wide by 2″ thick board…
Multiply the dimensions together (96 X 6 X 2 = 1152)
Then divide by 144  (1152 divided by 144 = 8 board feet)

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