Marine Teak Decking

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Marine Teak Decking

Florida Teak has a large inventory of marine teak decking planks and Marine Teak Deckingmargin boards. We stock Prime Grade “Superdecking Teak” – 100% vertical grain super-yacht quality old-growth teak for manufacturers, refit companies and boat owners. It is the ideal wood, able to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea with an unmatched beauty and character . There is no denying the luxurious look of teak on a boat, especially yachts with hundreds of feet of teak decking.

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Old Growth Teak Decking – Our Premium Grade decking teak, is made from old-growth teak to insure maximum beauty, durability and non-skid. Old growth teak decking has the most uniform grain and color of any teak, and is the most durable due to its naturally high oil and silica content. It is of superior quality to fast-growth plantation teak. It does not need oiling and, even if left in its natural state, it can last for centuries in near-perfect condition. This is the preferred teak of boat-builders and architects who need a durable product resistant to the damage of sun, weather and insects. Click here to find out more about old growth teak.

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