Residential Teak Decking

Residential teak decking has become more popular due to new sources of sustainable, high-quality old-growth plantation teak lowering the cost, making it competitive with other high-quality decking woods. Teak is the best wood for exterior use. Its unrivalled beauty, durability and ease of maintenance is the reason teak is the #1 choice for boat decking worldwide. Teak outlasts almost every other wood when exposed to the elements. Sun, water, heat and cold – teak has a high silica content and is tight-grained, it resists warping and splintering, and is rot-resistant. It even resists insects. Due to its high silica content, teak is naturally non-skid and is cooler to walk on than most other surfaces. What’s not to love?

Architectural Teak - Residential Teak

Durable Wood - Easy Installation

Florida Teak mills solid teak planking specifically for residential exterior use in flooring, decking, patios, pool-decks and docks. We produce solid planks milled with grooves on both edges for installation with a hidden clip-system, hiding the fasteners and providing for easy installation. For greater durability and to insure substantial “material” for future wear and refinishing, planks are 3/4″ thickness. We can provide stock from 4″ to 6″ wide.

Our most popular products include solid grooved patio decks (see image), tongue & groove siding and interior flooring.

Teak Maintenance is a Snap!

One of teaks best features is its ease of maintenance. Teak is extremely durable and weathers to a silver-grey patina. To bring it back to its original golden luster, you just have to wash it with teak cleaner (see photo). If done regularly (once or twice a year depending on your location and conditions) it can be maintained this way for many years with no sanding. Only after many years of use or under extremely abusive conditions will it require sanding to make it as good as new again.

No other wood has the combination of positive features of teak – resistance to weather, resistance to rot and insects, resistance to warping and splintering, and ease of maintenance. Due to its high silica content, teak is naturally non-skid and is cooler to walk on than most other surfaces. 

Superior Durablity

Teak offers superior resistance to the elements, which is one of the main reasons it is used for boat decking and exterior residential flooring/decks. It is dimensionally stable in extreme cold and heat, and not prone to warp or split, even when repeatedly wet and dried.

The image to the left shows 3 woods weathered by sun and rain, The left panel in each pair is sealed, the right panel is bare wood.

The first two (on the left) are plantation teak. The second two (center) are Burmese teak. The last two (right) are Ipe. 

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