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Florida Teak provides rough lumber, decking and millwork products to boat builders, architects and contractors across the USA and Caribbean. We have a large inventory of genuine Burmese teak acquired before the ban on imports and have secured sources of high quality and sustainable old-growth plantation teak from Africa. Click here to find out more. 

Our old-growth teak stock incudes quarter-sawn lumber, yacht decking, covering boards for sportfishing boats and FEQ lumber for luxury architectural products. Our old-growth plantation teak comes from well-managed, sustainable plantations in Africa.

Burmese teak is of superior quality to varieties from elsewhere in the world. It does not need oiling, and even if left in its natural state, can last for centuries in near-perfect condition. This is the preferred teak of boat-builders and architects who require a product with the strongest resistance to the damage of sun, weather and insects. However, due to import sanctions, supplies are limited to what we currently stock. Click here to find out more about Burmese teak.

Florida Teak can supply almost any size order, milled to your specification for delivery to your home or business. Click here to find out more of the sizes in stock.

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Teak is elegant and beautiful in any application. When freshly cleaned, teak has an attractive golden color that with time weathers to a silver patina look. Very low maintenance, teak can be kept golden and new looking with very little work. It can also be oiled or varnished to bring out its impressive grain and take on a golden-brown hue. Teak is very hard and dense, and can withstand tremendous abuse.

We stock Pyinkado - also known as Burmese Ironwood

Exclusively produced for patio and pool decks to compete with lower-quality Brazilian grown decking wood species. Pyinkado is a premium grade product and a low-cost alternative to teak, providing a hard wood deck with more pronounced grain and “character” at a lower price point. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Pyinkado Wood

Reasons clients choose Florida Teak:

  • Large inventory of teak, including hard to find sizes. Special cuts and qualities for yachts, decking, flooring and margin boards ready milled
  • Specifically selected boards in vertical grain and also vertical on side for ripping decking planks. Consistent color and straight grain to meet the yacht industry’s needs
  • Highly competitive pricing on all teak wood products
  • Free delivery in South Florida, with no minimum order quantity. Nationwide and international shipping available by commercial freight
  • Milling capacity, also special profiles, flooring, cap rails, pre-fabricated teak deck panels “Made in the USA”

Florida Teak warehouse address: 4711 N. Australian Ave. Suite #19 West Palm Beach, 33407

Phone: 561-713-5564 Email: info@floridateak.com

Please schedule your visit so we make sure your teak boards are ready and easily available to be inspected upon arrival.

In South Florida we offer free delivery. If you are located outside of South Florida we arrange a commercial freight or UPS delivery to you and select the material especially suitable for your needs.

Florida Teak complies with all U.S. sanctions regulations and export controls as to transactions with restricted countries, persons and entities (the “Sanctions Laws”), and we expect our partners to conduct business with Florida Teak in accordance with the Sanctions Laws.  Florida Teak may reject at any time any person, entity, product, bank, restricted destination, vessel, port terminal, facility or berth that may cause Florida Teak to be in violation of or be penalized by the Sanctions Laws.  Additional information is available from Florida Teak upon request.