Architectural Teak – Residential Teak

There is growing demand for architectural teak in high-end homes, restaurants and hotels. Teak has been used for centuries by boat builders because it is one of the worlds most resilient woods, especially to environmental conditions and insects. It is especially useful for applications in waterfront homes, on pool decks and in restaurants with outdoor seating.

Florida Teak supplies high-quality Burmese teak products, custom-milled to the customers needs. We can provide outside decking, tongue-and-groove flooring, paneling, planks, etc.- the applications are unlimited. Architectural Teak is often used for decks and flooring, cabinetry, paneling, staircases, architectural teakwindow framing, railings, bar-tops, entry doors and more. Teak outperforms all conventional woods in durability, moisture and weather resistance, and resistance to rot and pests. These properties make it ideal for outdoor applications where exceptional durability is desired.

High Quality Architectural Teak

High quality Burmese teak should not be confused with common outdoor furniture-quality teak, the two have very different qualities. Genuine high-quality Burmese teak doesn’t need oiling, and even if left completely unfinished, it will last for centuries in near-perfect condition. Interior floors and stairs are often built in teak for its aesthetic beauty and extreme durability. Quality teak is durable enough to be used on bathroom floors and even in showers. Its beauty is breathtaking, and it can be finished in ways to bring out its unique grain and color. Teak can also be re-finished much easier than other woods due to its high-density. Teak is easily sanded or even chemically stripped to reveal a pristine layer of new wood just below the surface. This allows teak to be refinished many times look brand-new for a lifetime!

Please ask about our special pricing on plank sizes suitable for outdoor decking and flooring.

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