Teak Decking and Trim for Boats

Teak decking and trim are a staple of high-end boat-building. For hundreds of years teak has been the preferred finishing-wood of builders around the world due to its beauty and ability to withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. In fact, teak is so durable it was the preferred wood for aircraft carrier flight-decks in WWII.

High quality teak only comes from old-growth trees, typically over 80 years. Plantation teak is often felled too soon, making it suitable for furniture and residential flooring, but not for yacht-building and marine decking. Teak from old-growth trees has a high silica content which makes the wood extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to rot and insects. The high dimensional stability of old-growth teak allows it to be subject to the drastic weather changes encountered at sea, especially in tropics. Click here to find out more about teak.

Marine Teak Decking

The reasons to choose teak decking are practical as well as aesthetic

  • Teak adds an elegant and beautiful finish to any boat. When freshly cleaned, teak has an attractive golden color that in time weathers to a silver-patina look. With yearly maintenance, teak can be kept golden and new looking with very little work.
  • Teak decking acts as a roof on top of your boat. Teak decks are no longer fastened with screws, so the danger of creating leaks is eliminated. The deck will protect and insulate the hull and channel water appropriately.
  • Teak decking is non-skid and insulating by its nature. Teak provides an excellent non-skid surface, even when wet. Teak is always pleasant to walk on, even under strong sunlight it remains cool.

Why buy Teak Decking and Trim from Florida Teak?

Florida Teak specializes in the highest-quality old-growth teak suitable for marine decking and trim. This is the hardest teak product to source since only the best of the best boards can be used. We have a large but slowly diminishing stock of pre-sanction Burmese teak specifically for marine use.

We have standard size decking pre-milled in stock and can mill to custom sizes. If the client chooses to mill the planks themselves, we will select the correctly grained boards and provide strict quality control in order to avoid defects and provide perfectly straight grain.

For decking projects, we supply the exact lengths needed along with the required margin boards and king plank if needed. This minimizes waste and having pre-milled planks saves valuable time to meet tight schedules.

For more-finished products we can fabricate solid teak decking panels to your exact specifications. And most importantly, we fabricate all of our pre-fabricated panels in the USA to ensure proper caulking and teak quality.

Teak Wood
Teak Board - Quarter-Sawn
Newly installed deck and coaming boards
New deck and coaming boards - wet

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