Teak Board – Random Grain – Wide


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Sold by board foot – Planks come from 8′ to 12’ long

NOTE: each unit chosen below equals 1 board foot.

Minimum order is 8 board feet (8 units in the cart).



Teak Board – Random Grain – Wide

Quality old-growth teak, cut to order. Sold by the board foot / each “unit” chosen in the cart equals 1 board foot.

 Planks are custom cut at 2” x 6”-plus wide / from 8′ to 12’ long – See below…

All orders are finalized by phone or email before your card is charged to insure you get the plank sizes you require, and to determine the shipping/freight cost if needed. The order will only be completed (and your card charged) after you have reviewed and approved the final conditions of the order. Free local pickup is available.

To place you order by phone, call 561-713-5564

To calculate board feet: In inches, multiply the boards length, width and thickness, then divide the sum by 144 to get “board feet”.

For example, using a board 96″ long by 6″ wide by 2″ thick board…
Multiply the dimensions together (96 X 6 X 2 = 1152)
Then divide by 144  (1152 divided by 144 = 8 board feet)