Sanctions affect Burmese teak supply

By admin

Due to sanctions and the changing environment of the teak trade, Burmese teak will not be available in the near future. Florida Teak still has a large stock of Burmese teak and are working hard to source the highest quality old-growth teak elsewhere, including plantations in Africa. We will continue to stock the highest-grade teak lumber available in the sizes needed for the architectural industry and boat building while ensuring compliance with current laws.

Florida Teak complies with all U.S. sanctions regulations and export controls as to transactions with restricted countries, persons and entities (the “Sanctions Laws”), and we expect our partners to conduct business with Florida Teak in accordance with the Sanctions Laws.  Florida Teak may reject at any time any person, entity, product, bank, restricted destination, vessel, port terminal, facility or berth that may cause Florida Teak to be in violation of or be penalized by the Sanctions Laws.  Additional information is available from Florida Teak upon request.