Pyinkado Wood Lumber

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Pyinkado Wood Lumber – Also known as Ironwood, Pyinkado has very distinct red-brown color which can last up to a year without forming a patina. One of the hardest woods in the world, it is very dense, durable and resistant to both rot and insect attack. Its overall durability is rated as excellent.

Pyinkado is a truly impressive wood that remains stable and strong in every environment. It is an exotic luxury decking wood, mainly used for high-end residential decking and pool decking. Performance and durability is about the same as top-grade old-growth teak but at a substantially lower price. Pyinkado is a wood species of low exploitation, so it stands out as an exotic but “green” option for luxury projects.

Workability: Pyinkado Wood Lumber is very easy to work, but is exceedingly hard. It has a pronounced blunting effect on cutting edges. Pyinkado glues and finishes moderately well, though it is necessary to wipe the surface of the wood with a solvent prior to gluing/finishing to reduce the natural oils on the surface of the wood. Its best use is for decking, as it is extremely durable and resistant to rot, insects and weather. 

Pyinkado Deck installation

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