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teak productsTeak Products – Dimensions, Quality & Price

FEQ  Quality, free from any major defects, uniform golden color, kiln dried.

Mostly used for teak decks, rails, outdoor cabinets, chairs and tables, residential decks, architectural woodwork, doors and window frames.

3′ – 18′ Length, 1″ – 4″ Thickness, 2″ + Width


Specially selected 100% Vertical Grain on Side or on Face, “Superdecking grade”

Free of any defects, golden light color, no mineral marks, perfectly straight grain, extra long lengths and widths

Teak produced only from highest quality logs available in the world, appearance that will meet strict super yacht requirements. Can be easily re-sawn without waste to decking and margins or used for caprails etc.

All lengths, mainly 2″ thickness, 2″ – 10″ width


Teak products for decking and margin boards

Regular size 9/16″ thick, 1 7/8″ wide, all lengths, tight vertical grain, special thickness/width upon request

Pre-milled margin boards in different widths and lengths, all 9/16″ thickness.

Calculating board feet, for example  96″ tall X 6″ wide X 2″ thick board equals
Multiply dimensions together          96 X 6 X 2 = 1152
Divide by 144                              1152 / 144 = 8 board feet

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