Teak Facts

Teak facts and characteristics of teak wood make it perfect for marine industry. Yachts, cruise ships, fishing boats all have used teak for centuries as their only choice of woods. There are many reasons that make teak superior to other alternatives.

Genuine teak is native to Southeast Asia, mostly in Burma, Thailand, Laos and India has natural grown teak forest.Teak plantations have been established in 19th century already and now being the source for world’s teak. Highest quality trees are typically over 80 years old.

Genuine teak wood has high oil and resin content which makes it withstand the harsh conditions of weather and also prevents from termites and borers.

The silica content of teak wood makes it non-skid, unlike any other wood or man made alternative, teak has the best natural properties to remain in good condition and maintain it’s unique properties even under the worst effects of sun and rain. Teak decks are comfortable in temperature even under the Caribbean sun and on a rainy day teak has its own non skid surface.

Finally not to mention the royal looks of teak, golden brown colored straight grain teak remains years and years attractive and properly maintained will last for a lifetime.

These natural properties make teak the only real choice to be used in yacht and boat building. Many alternatives have been tested,  both other woods and synthetic teak, but still only natural grown genuine teak is able to maintain it’s beauty and durability in a long term.

Note that there are different teaks available for example South American plantation teak or Indonesian teak. These alternatives have inferior quality compared to old grown teak. Less oil, and silica content make them rot and vulnerable to termites, fast growth tends to crack and warp the teak boards. Plantation grown teak might be suitable for certain uses, but hundreds of years while teak has been used to build boats only genuine teak has withstand the test of time. When choosing a supplier clients should carefully know what type of teak they receive, price difference can be quite large when comparing old-growth teak and plantation grown, this makes tempting to use the cheaper alternatives and compromise the quality of the final project. Not to say that plantation grown teak would suit for any project, we do recommend it for mass production residential outdoor furniture, indoor flooring and paneling, and some other residential use.

The teak we deal in is carefully selected for its quality and we assure the most valuable & versatile hardwood. Some of its qualities

  • Rich brown golden luster.
  • Close grained hardwood.
  • High natural oil & rubber content.
  • Strongest and most durable of all timbers.
  • Resistance to all weather conditions.
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