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teak deckingTeak is mainly used for boat building. For hundreds of years teak has been the choice of woods by builders around the world. Its beauty and especially the character makes teak ideal wood to withstand the harsh conditions of sea.

Genuine teak from old growth trees has a high silica content which makes the wood waterproof, it is also resistant to most marine termites and insects. The high dimensional stability of teak allows it to be subject to the drastic weather changes at sea especially in tropics.

These qualities only occur with Southeast Asian teak, this is because of its very slow growth and the ideal soil and weather where trees have grown. South American plantation teak might be suitable for certain furniture and floor manufacturing but for boat industry and yacht building only genuine teak can be used.

teak deck

Teak decking can be seen in nearly every yacht, reasons to choose teak decking are practical as well as aesthetic.

Teak decking is elegant and beautiful finish on any boat. When freshly cleaned, teak has an attractive golden color that in time weathers to silver patina look. With yearly maintenance teak decking can be kept golden and new looking with very little work.

For practical reasons teak decking acts as a roof on top of your boat, with new technology teak decks are not fastened with screws anymore so the danger of having leaks is eliminated. Deck will protect the hull and channel water appropriately. Secondly teak decking is non skip by its nature, the minerals in teak when getting wet provide excellent non skid surface. Teak is always pleasant to walk when wet or when under strong sun it remains cool.

yacht teakWe know very well what kind of teak is suitable for decks. This is probably the hardest product to source since with teak decks only the best of the best boards can be used.

We haveĀ  standard size decking pre-milled in stock and if customer wants to mill custom sizes or mill themselves we would select the right type of grain boards and do very strict quality control in order to avoid any minerals, defects and provide perfectly straight grain.

For a teak decking project we can supply the exact lengths needed along with required size of margin boards and king plank if needed. This minimizes the waste and since the refit projects are typically done with tight time schedule having material milled saves valuable time.

For more finished products we can fabricate solid teak decking panels in your length and thickness, unlike many companies who provide panels made in Asia we fabricate all panels in USA to ensure proper caulking is used and teak is perfect quality.

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