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       Marine and Yacht Quality Teak Lumber 

Teak wood, decking, and other teak products

Florida Teak is a major US supplier and producer of teak lumber and milled teak products.

We supply only genuine old growth teak lumber sourced from the finest logs available. Main clients are yacht refit companies, boat builders, carpentry shops, retailers and individual clients. All our teak is the highest grade FEQ "First European Quality" lumber from reputable sawmills in South-East Asia, we don't carry South-American or Indonesian plantation teak. As there are many sources of teak available, marine industry can only use the very old grown teak logs, as this yields to dense grain wood, with golden color, straight grain structure and has superior levels of resin/silica to preserve the lumber for decades.

Being a direct importer and handling supply chain from cutting the logs to final grading and finishing, we are constantly able to maintain pricing of teak below average market price without compromising the quality. It also allows us to maintain inventory that constantly meets even the toughest jobs available.

We are very knowledgeable about boat construction and are able to choose exactly right boards for different projects. Please also study our page about teak facts for further information about the quality of teak offered and it's applications.

Reasons clients choose our services :

- Large inventory of teak, including hard to find sizes. Special cuts and  qualities for yachts, decking and margin boards ready milled

- Specifically selected boards in vertical grain and also vertical on side for ripping decking planks. Consistent color and straight grain to meet the yacht industry's needs

-Highly competitive pricing

-Free delivery in South-Florida, with no minimum order quantity.  Nationwide and international shipping available by commercial freight

-Milling capacity, also special profiles, flooring,cap rails,
  pre-fabricated teak deck panels "made in USA"

-For larger orders or special orders we work together with customer and  sawmills in Asia to have a direct delivery with substantial cost savings

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